Wednesday, 31 December 2014

good star for you // 43 good habits

Now, when I was a kid, I didn't brush my teeth. Every morning, my mum would say to me, 'have you brushed your teeth?' and I would reply, without a stutter 'yes, of course.' Now, this was an entirely shitty habit in itself, but on top of that, it resulted in 8 fillings and resentment from my sweet dentist.
Bad habits are the pits, they have bad consequences, they make you feel terrible - avoid at all costs. Good habits on the other hand, are the bees knees. I make a point of listing my good habits and crossing my fingers and toes that they will stay in place and I will continue on the path to becoming the perfect Isabella, (she doesn't exist, I know, but a girl can dream).

+ wash your hands and feet in warm water before you go to bed, moisturise and wake up with soft, clean feet.
+ reward yourself when you do a hella good job at something.
+ do exercise first thing in the morning (perhaps it's just me, but waking yourself up and getting your body's a good deal!)
+ a long yoga session before bed.
+ a long yoga session when you wake up.
+ actually a long yoga session any time of day is always a swell idea!
+ drinking shitons of water
+ no phone after 10...or 11
+ when you eat meat, find a new awareness for the living aspect of your meal. Your food was alive once, honouring that is a special thing in itself.
+ buying flowers for people
+ writing lists
+ waking up earlier

+ writing stuff down
+ making pancakes on a sunday
+ taking moments to breath
+ keeping busy
+ getting out of your area
+ taking small steps if you're not feeling too swell
+ keeping up with current affairs, ignorance is not fun.
+ thinking about things from perspectives other than your own
+ taking photographs
+ doing sweet lil' things for people you love
+ writing shitty poetry
+ writing shitty songs
+ general creative outlet, in whatever form, is always a good idea.
+ having a calendar
+ making plans
+ investigating.

+ making porridge with berry compote on cold mornings
+ making avocado toast with watermelon on hot mornings
+ washing your face really damn well
+ investing in things that feel good and make you feel good
+ gratitude is the worst thing to do if you do it wrong, but if you do it in the least cheesy way possible, it's pretty good - I promise.
+ colour coding
+ practising self love
+ standing up for yourself and others. slurs? casual racism? casual sexism? don't let it stand.
+ finding a cause, giving it everything you've got.
+ keeping your mind clear
+ catch public transport 
+ smile 
+ tell people if you like the
+ in fact, generally, being honest about you feel always seems to be a good idea! 
and, of course...
+ brush your teeth! 

Good luck my friends, 
Bella Sucks xx

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