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good vibes & pampering // a self care day how to

We all lead busy lives and there never seems to be anytime for ourselves. This is why we all must make the time. It isn't selfish, just vital to your sanity and wellbeing, and let's face it,  the happier you are, the happier everyone else around you will be. A great way to give back to your body is to take a whole entire day dedicated to self care! 

Self care days entail doing the things that you really like to do. Whether that be shopping alone, with friends, being pampered at a day spa, painting your toe nails while drinking tea, going to the gym or having the longest bath in the history of the universe. It is simple! This is how you should go about it.

Plan ahead...
Planning ahead for this day is key if you want it to be really successful. It can work on a whim and often some of the best days I have had are, but with careful planning, it can't go wrong.

Have a timetable with any appointments on it, room for free time and socialising time. Make it a to do list, that way you feel accomplished when you tick off and have completed a task all for yourself

Invite a friend...

Although this day is dedicated to you it's often more fun to share it with someone else. Just make sure that this person wants the same things as you and that your ideas of self care are similar. We don't want stress on this very special day and conflicting views will cause just that. 

Often having a friend plan the day with you, makes for a better day as they might think of ideas that you would have never thought of.

Do a mix of things...

Make sure that you shake it up a little. Although relaxing is a wonderful thing, our brains and bodies need stimulation too. If relaxing in the bath or getting your toe nails painted, read a book or a magazine, listen to an audiobook or some music, just something to keep up those brain cells.

Turn off your phone...

If you lead a busy work life or have a booming social life, it is important to just turn it off for a while. If this is too stressful for some, just try taking your SIM card out. That way there is still connection to the Internet, you are still reachable but you are working your way towards turning it off. 

Choose the RIGHT music...

The music is a very important part of setting the mood. The correct mood is a vital part of this day. Create a playlist purely for this day, with a mix of styles and genre's. The music shouldn't be too fast but it shouldn't make you fall asleep. It must all be purely music that you enjoy. Here is a mega list of killer tunes for rocking it on a self care day...

  • Green- The Dandy Warhols
  • Earthly noises- from an app
  • Amelie theme music- Yaan Tierson
  • It's hard to get around the wind- Alex Turner
  • House and a farm- Boy and Bear
  • Invisible girl- Kasey Chambers
  • Poncho and Lefty- Townes Van Zandt
  • Music for Christmas time- Gondwana Voices and Sydney Children's Choir
  • Opus 9 No.2- Chopin's Nocturne
  • ZABA Album (specifically Gooey)- Glass Animals
  • Thinkin' bout you- Frank Ocean
  • Raggamuffin- Selah Sue
  • You make me Happy- Clare Bowditch
  • All for believing- Missy Higgins
  • The Bed Song- Amanda Palmer
  • Black Crow- Angus & Julia Stone
  • Flashbulb Eyes- Arcade Fire
  • Daniel in the Den- Bastille
  • Shepard's Bush Lullaby- Benjamin Gibbard
  • A rush of blood to the head (the song not the album)- Coldplay
  • Weather with you- Crowded House
  • Lars and the real girl soundtrack- David Torn
  • Lullaby- Dixie Chicks
  • Crave You- Flight Facilities
  • s' Wonderful- George Gershwin
  • Fragile- The Idea of North
  • The Hanging Tree- The Hunger Games, James Newton Howard
  • All of me- John Legend
  • Smile- Lily Allen
  • Teen Idle, Homewrecker, How to be a heartbreaker, Obsessions, Oh No!- Marina and the Diamonds
  • Married life- 'UP' soundtrack
  • into temptation- Neil Finn
  • Creep- Radiohead
  • Mita Kaikatat, Kivonen?- Rijation
  • Mad Rush- Sally Whitwell
  • Sleep music album- by sleep music lullabies
  • I See Red- Split Enz
  • Riptide Vance Joy  

Still stuck for ideas? Here's 33 to get you going! 
  • A trip to the day spa
  • Paint toenails
  • Have a bath
  • Massage
  • Facial
  • Go to the gym
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Tai chi
  • Drink tea
  • Read a book
  • Slow shopping
  • Window shopping
  • Candlelit conversations
  • A trip to church
  • Classical music concert
  • Read the entire newspaper
  • Gardening
  • Take the dog out
  • Design
  • Walking
  • Trip to the pool
  • Get your hair styled
  • Visiting an old friend
  • Visit a market
  • Golf sailing
  • Sauna
  • Steamroom
  • Playing an instrument
  • Learn an instrument
  • Read the bodypositiveclub blog (hey hey hey!) 
  • Jam session
  • Trip to the beach

Thanks for reading and good luck,
Bea Tucks

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