Monday, 26 January 2015

new place, new rules // 10 lessons learnt in india

It's me! In India!

I got back from India a couple of days ago and it was surreal and mad and confronting and crazy. And I thought a body positive, good vibe, 'what can I take from this? kinda spin on it would be a good post for tonight, so here we go.

1. Awareness of privilege is so so important
2. Constant objectification on the street feels like shit and it's kinda just not ok.
3. The world is much more diverse than one would initially assume.
4. Social justice type stuff is a never ending battle but it has to be done.
5. I can do more.
6. Ignorance is a bit of a cop out.
7. Cheap pants are a hella lotta fun.
9. You can do a lot with lentils.
10. Women are so powerful and so under-utilised (especially in a place like India!)

One of the main reasons I think we started this lil' blog is because self appreciation leads to confidence leads to empowerment, the importance of this was well and truly reaffirmed in India.
Very happy to be back, sending you lots of love. 
Bella Sucks xx 

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  1. This is a lovely post. To be really honest, I've never out of myself thought 'what can I learn from this?', but it's something I intend to do more. And I couldn't agree more with that first point you made.

    Beautiful photo, too, by the way.

    x //blog//