Thursday, 22 January 2015

Beach holidays and road trips // ultimate preparation

As I am writing this, I am road tripping from Sydney to Kangaroo island in South Australia. Road tripping is a love hate thing for a lot of people but I do believe that people are worth it. For those that don’t know this is a 18 hour Car trip and drives through 3 states, although we detoured and went through 4. We are taking a slow go at this drive and doing it over a few days. Most the the driving has been done already and are almost in Adelaide to stay for a few nights. But you don’t need my entire life story or all the trials and tribulations that we have gone through but what information I am offering you is how to prepare for such a road trip and eventually, a summer holiday.

The Beach
  • Summer Kimono
  • Vibrant Sarong
  • Chic Sunglasses
  • A Swish Hat
  • A seriously hot pair of swimmers
  • An indulgent amount of summer dresses
  • Shorts that make your butt look über cute
  • luxurious sandals
  • A capacious bag that makes you happy
  • Sexy underwear

  • T shirt
  • Happy pants
  • NO SHOES!!! (unless driving because it is the law)

The Beach - All to be put in you capacious bag
  • Buckets and spades (Back to the innocent good old days)
  • Beach Tent/ or gorgeous Umbrella (Top 3 by design make great ones)
  • 50+ Sunscreen 
  • Lip balm
  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Towels (Country Road’s are incredibly comfy)
  • Magazine (Top 3: Yen, Frankie, Fete)
  • Beach mat

  • Nikki Waling
  • Book
  • An Amazingly wide-ranging playlist (Yes, even flight facilities can be gotten sick of)
  • Pillow
  • Audiobook
  • Yummy Food!!! (Turkish bread and hummus for the win)

The Beach
  • Run into the ocean at fabulous times of day i.e. Sunset/Sunrise
  • Laze on the sand under your gorgeous umbrella
  • GO back in time an build sand castles much better than you used to. Finally make the castle you always wanted to make but never could because you didn’t have the skill when you were 9.
  • Become a more zen self reading and being introverted taking a lot of ‘me time’
  • Sleep in your beach tent, waking up a realising that you actually just slept in your beach tent.
  • Go across the road from the beach and look in all the beachy, eclectic, lovely shops that are just waiting for you there. 
  • Hire out a kayak and go for a paddle in the surf!
  • Take beautiful photos
  • After swimming at the beach in the morning don’t change clothes, go and drink your morning coffee in your swimmers. It is amazingly satisfying.
  • Visit your local beach markets.
  • Read body positive.

Road tripping
  •  Stop at regular intervals but make them really cool places so that overtime you go to stop revive and survive you are also in awe every time you do.
  • Eat food at a roadhouse. It is a new and interesting experience.
  • Buy at least one thing that is quirky or a lil’ weird that makes you don’t think you need but really, you do (I bought pumpkin jam and Raleigh’s ointment, made in New Zealand) 
  • Pump music loudly, one: to stay awake, tow: for the sheer enjoyment of pumping music loudly
  • Eat your Yum food!
  • If you see anything worth picture taking, STOP and TAKE THAT PICTURE
  • Go the scenic route: If you are into pretty places find the nicest way to get to where you are going. (We went to Mungo National park, 4 hours out of the way but so worth it)

I hope that my suggestions and things to pack help you for your plans for this year. Speaking from experience it all works and it is all totally worth it.

Take the leap Xx
Bea Tucks

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