Sunday, 11 January 2015

i am enough // 10 things to tell yourself when things are shit

This post can go in the category: real talk, real solutions to real situations and relevant. Because the feeling when you feel deflated and you're dragging your self worth along the ground as you walk and you just wanna cry is one we all know, it's too familiar. I was in a situation, in the not too distant past in which I was out with friends and everything felt toxic, everything felt shitty. I felt annoying, I felt gross, it was what could be described as a body negative night, and it felt terrible. 

The next morning in a sudden burst of inspiration, post-long bath and iced latte (which was prime, by the way!), I decided to write a list of things I could think to myself if I ever got into the situation again. It wasn't until a few days later that I thought, 'hey, this would be great on Body Positive Club.' So here it is, in it's full glory...a mind frame for when negativity hits and you feel like crap. 

1. I am so so powerful. I am so so important. I have so so much potential. I can do so so much. 
2. I am hot. I am hot. I am hot. 
3. I am a celestial being. Just think of all the cool stuff I can do. Walking and thinking and being is a miracle in itself! 
4. I can validate myself because I am enough. 
5.  So many incredible things exist! Wow! 
6. Things are shit now but tomorrow is a brand new day and it won't last forever. 
7. I can be punk as hell or I can be a delicate flower and I will be cute either way! 
8. My feelings are valid and real. I have every right to feel shit. I can acknowledge my thoughts, and try to counteract them with good vibes!
9. This too shall pass
10. FUCK EM'

I'm still in India, so again this post has been written in advance but when I get back I will be armed with lots of photos and stories? What's your go to thing to tell yourself when you're just not feeling on top? 

Hope you're well and happy, 
Bella Sucks 

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