Sunday, 4 January 2015

sugar coated // the joys of smelling really damn good

Bea Tucks and I have a long standing obsession with smelling good. We have deemed it a sign someone has their shit together, incredibly attractive and a mega confidence booster. I've long stood by things that make an experience more pleasant: good lighting, bird sounds, small talk with baristas and smelling good.  

So yeah, it's superficial. We're talking about scent, but it's more than that...don't you think. This is a conversation about vibes, about feeling good, about confidence. Not into nice smelling stuff? All good! But for those who've come to the right place. 

put orange blossom water and rose water in a spray bottle...el cheapo body mist // lush bath bombs are the holy grail. take long baths as you read books with your bath bombs, crumble them up and put them in your washing machine, wash your underwear in lush bath bomb water // find a perfume you love, stick by it, wait for a reinforced sense of identity // blow all your money on overpriced hand cream, have incredibly soft hands // put fresh flowers in your bra // make a scrub of brown sugar and olive oil, exfoliate for too long, wash it off // moisturise after the shower, lather it up until you are as soft as ever // invest in essential oils, put them behind you ears //  have a really hot shower, lather up nice shower gels,  // 

A few of my current faves 
+ Lush 
Special mention to: Vanilla Puff, Olive Branch Shower Gel and Honey I Washed The Kids Soap.
+ The Body Shop
Indian Night Jasmine Body Lotion and Japanese Cherry Blossom Eau de Toilette 
+ Pricy Perfumes 
Chloe Eau de Parfum, Daisy Eau de Parfum, Miss Dior Eau de Parfum

Smelling good is the kind of thing you should do for yourself. Life's a thrilling game when your constantly inhaling the sweet smells of rose and sugar and coconut because you made a good decision with your body lotion. And writing this feels really odd, as I try to mask my passion for shower gel and lotion. But it's the kind of superficial confidence booster that we shouldn't have to justify. I'm all about feel, all about vibes and, along with coffee and morning exercise, for me, smelling good gets the vibes going for a good day. 

I am writing this in advance, as when it's live on BPC...I'll be in India. How exciting! I"ll let you know what I get up to. I really hope you're all having a megaly body positive day today! I'd love to know how you are, what your favourite scents are, whatever's on your mind!  

Kisses and body lotion, 
Bella Sucks x


  1. Hey love the blog :) It's really inspirational, the whole believe you are beautiful and forget about everyone else idea. Personally I love the smell of coconut ! From lip butter to sprays I use them but the problem is I can never smell it on myself and it's sad because I like it more than everyone else does haha ! I also got the Daisy perfume for Christmas but I can't decide what I think ! Keep it up :)
    Eb x

  2. I really love everything in Lush! My favourite bath ballistic is 'Granny Takes a Dip', I'd recommend it to anyone who likes sugary scents and bright colours :)
    - F -