Thursday, 1 January 2015

the body positive club // an introduction & manifesto

IT'S US! Bea Tucks & Bella Sucks, the first two members of BPC
HELLO, hello ! Can we confess how excited we are to be writing this? It's been weeks of post planning, of nerves, of doubts, of exclamations of 'I am just so excited,' and now we are finally here - January 1st,  the official launch of BODY POSITIVE CLUB...happy new year, by the way!

So, why on earth would two girls take it upon themselves to spread the good vibes of appreciation your body, of caring for yourself mentally and physically, of a whole entire blog dedicated to self care, self enrichment? Why would two girls take it upon themselves to start the most wonderful girl gang you can imagine, spanning across continents, bringing people together, spreading positivity? Because when ever people talk about self love and empowerment, it's drenched in cliche, it's more condescending than imaginable and above all, for me at least, it's not a discussion you can relate to!

So I hereby promise that we number one, are clearing out the cliche and clearing out the condescending. Number two, we, for one, are sick of girl hate, sick of negativity, sick of girls who are drowning in self doubt, sick of unhappy girls our age who are stifled but ridiculous expectations... We're ready for a change of heart, aren't you?

In a time when women are still getting the short stick, in particular more marginalised women like black women and transgender women, empowerment of women is of such importance. But how on earth are women to empower themselves, if frankly, they feel like shit. Without a renewed sense of confidence, a renewed sense of can be win the fight for equality?

SO, for the last few weeks we've been building up a lil' bunch of posts so you can get a feel for what you'll find here on BPC. Scroll down for some fun.

And here, at last, is the Body Positive Manifesto, you can hold your hand over your heart and read it out like an idiot or you can read it quietly to yourself and smile because positivity is fun, don't you think!

SO, here's the game plan!
+ There will be a new post from Bea Tucks, every single Wednesday! 
+ There will be a new post from Bella Sucks, every single Sunday! 
+There will be a new post from Bella Sucks and/or Bea Tucks, for guys on the 27th of each month!
+ Now a really important thing to us, is that you get involved, BPC is a club, a community, a rocking girl gang. A place where women can come together to fight bad vibes and body negativity. We’d love for you to be involved! You can join our lil’ club by engaging with Body Positive in whatever way you’d like. Perhaps by putting our button (found at the bottom of the email) on your own blog or by using the #bodypositivebackground hashtag or simply by having a peak at the site! 

I promise you, it'll be a lotta fun here! Stick around loves!!! 

Too much love, 
Bella Sucks & Bea Tucks


  1. You manifesto got me so pumped up! I love those sort of things where you're reading along and just thinking yes, yes, YES. Happy new year to both of you and I hope you grow this space into the community it ought to be!
    x Erin
    The Halfway Point

  2. I am really looking forward to reading more posts written by you guys! This is such a lovely idea to spread body positivity :) It's really put a smile on my face today.
    Have a great 2015!
    - F -