Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The first ever guys article!! // Describe, don't categorise // Be yourself, Be interesting

This photo is so shockingly ridiculous

To kick off the first ever guys' article, I decided I should tell you a bit about myself.

I am a guy. I enjoy going to the beach, indoor rock climbing, swimming (well), and windsurfing. Your image of me at the moment is probably of some six foot tall muscly tanned god with boundless energy - in other words, someone sporty.
Yet a sporty person is the last thing I'd call myself.
I also love reading for hours on end, playing video games, watching movies and getting into heated arguments on sci-fi forums.
But I'm not really a fanboy.
In addition to these things I'm also pretty smart. I get good results in most of my subjects and love writing poetry and learning Latin.
But I'm not quite a nerd.
I could talk about myself all day, but the moral of this story I'm telling is: don't categorise yourself. Don't make yourself a stereotype. Just because you regularly stay up all night playing Nintendo doesn't mean that you should hate exercise. Conversely, just cause you can run a kilometre in three minutes doesn't mean that you should laugh to scorn Firefly or Doctor Who.
Humans always try to put the universe in neat boxes, when the reality is that nothing in real life ever fits in a box. The irony is that we're especially messy. So rejoice in it! Overflow your box! Dabble in chemistry while aiming to be the welterweight champion of the world! Save money to go on a Virgin Galactic flight someday whilst watching all 220 episodes of Naruto!

And remember to never, ever call yourself a nerd, or a geek, or a sporty person. Describe, don't categorise.

Not many things manage substantially annoy me, but overt masculinity always does the trick. Whether it's to impress someone or to live up to the standards society has set, dick-measuring is useless and stupid.
I know, it really does sound simple and not worth an article when I put it that way, but let me give you an example.
Recently I was with a group of friends, mostly female, walking around a shopping centre. At the sight of a Lush store, the female contingent of the group insisted that we go and have a look around inside. All of the guys held back initially - society tells us that hand creams and bath bombs aren't for guys, we're not supposed to take an interest in this stuff - and I ended up the only one going in, curious as to what it was like.
It has seriously got to be one of the coolest stores ever. Even if you don't like having glitter everywhere, it's still really cool to see blocks of soap that look and smell exactly like mint gum. But I digress. The point of my story wasn't to advertise Lush, it was to make sure you paid no attention to today's standards. I guess the best way of putting this is:
Seriously, you're more of a wimp if you worry what people will think of you than if you unconcernedly stroll up to look at that love story that's caught your eye. Fuck society! Live your own life! Stop worrying about what other people think of you and have fun, you idiots! (and this image above is so ridiculous I thought I had to show you all!)
And if you're scared of being called gay, don't be. Gay originally meant "happy". But even then. What is the problem with being called gay? Be yourself, whoever you are.
That's me signing off,



  1. This is such a great post. I cannot get over how amazing I find this. Most guys I know would have reacted exactly the same way as your friends did, and they would never take the time to even read this! I find it very refreshing to 'meet' someone who can understand that there is nothing wrong with being yourself and that it's okay to be in touch with your feminine side. (The way I formulated that is just awkward, I know.) Anyway, loved this post! <3

    x Cloudy Dreams

  2. Beautifully written! I think this is so true, also I'm tired of people describing things as "gay" just because their different to what they are used to. Can't people just be themselves?


  3. yes!!! love this post so much!! the way you wrote this was inspired. this blog is incredible guys and gals keep it up please xxxxx