Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The superficiality of social media // repel the bad vibes!!!

In the social media world there are many websites where we can talk and interact with other people and on everyone of these sites, there is a profile page. When on social media we are looking at our own page a third of the time that we are online...

What do you do when you are on your own page? Edit, check, scan for any incriminating evidence that will prove that you are not your best looking self, with your best looking face and best looking smile, all the time. There is no shame in this, we all do it to an extent, except for the occasional few. But what this means is that we do not have a real representation of ourselves showing, just our good side. Social Media becomes this huge frenzy of, who can look the best and have the best page, with the most likes.

What does this mean for social media? Two words. Incredibly Superficial. No one is who their profile shows them to be. Everyone is so fake. The thing is, we know our bad sides and when comparing ourselves to others, we view ourselves at our worst and others at their best. So those girls, that you think about and say: 'wow they must not have an off day in their life.' Well they do. And those girls you think about and say: 'I wish that I had their body.' You shouldn't. Everyone shows their best side in the social media world, editing, escaping the embarrassing photos and posts. But what this also  means is that everyone feels the same way that you do and is comparing themselves to everyone else around them. 

Love the skin you are in. Be happy to be you and if you're not, well the body positive club is here to help. But the message I am trying to put forward here is this: Social media is superficial so don't compare yourself with anyone on it because it isn't a level playing field.

Stay you.
Yours truly
Bea Tucks Xx

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