Friday, 16 January 2015

Whole Compliments // You come as a whole

Everyone comes as a whole person so I believe that everyone should be treated as so. This is why when it comes to compliments, I, Bea Tucks, am a huge believer in the ‘whole compliment’.

Bea's Definitions:
Whole Compliment: A compliment given to someone about their entire self.

Emma (<— on our Instagram) came up to me the other day, very excited and said, “That girl just told me that I was the most beautiful person here.” She felt so happy by this compliment, it made her day. I could see that she was beaming with happiness and this is because she was given a whole compliment. But if this girl had said to Emma, “your hair looks pretty,” well I know that she wouldn’t have felt as happy because her entire self wasn’t acknowledged.

We all come as one piece. In effect giving a segmented compliment is like dividing us up on a butchers plate and talking about all our parts as separate things. It isn’t a terrible thing to give someone a segmented compliment as you are still creating a positive vibe but if you really do believe that a person looks beautiful, tell them, as a whole, not just one particular part of them. 

Think about it… when you receive a whole compliment aren’t you beaming, just like Emma was. What about when you are given a segmented compliment? How do you feel then? I know I feel like people are only considering that part to be nice, which I am happy about, but deep down I get this feeling that either the other parts of me are being neglected or aren’t actually nice at all. This slightly negative feeling remains. Plus they never seem as sincere.

Whole compliment examples:
+You are a genius!
+You really are very beautiful
+You are beaming today
+I love your shoes… and your shirt, and your skirt, and your… Oh scrap that. I love everything that you are wearing.

So to compliment people in the most sincere and most fulfilling way possible just follow this guide and you are well on your way to making everyone, Body Positive.

Keep on rockin' at life
Bea Tucks

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  1. The best compliment you could give: You have the most beautiful soul