Wednesday, 4 February 2015

trash free // away!.. with toxic notions

toxic notions, get away!

To be honest I am surprised that it has taken this long for one of us to write this post. I guess it was that we didn't want to get it wrong because it is, although simple, such an important message.

A lot of the time people feel pretty mediocre about themselves. They have a certain view, a picture of what they think themselves to be. Although this view of themselves is not always accurate they are aware when they know when their demeanour is changing. Not to sound overly analytical but it is well known that around different people we all feel different and to an extent, act differently to how we would act with someone else. It is true that in many cases people often choose their friends because of how their friends make them feel. Yes this is obvious but there is more... Often it is the case that your friends  are your friends because they make you feel like a better version of yourself. Your closest friends are or should be the people that give you a feeling of; 'right now I am my best self' and by surrounding yourself with people like this it means that you are feeling the best you possibly can, about who you are. Self positivity!.. and that is what the Body Positive Club is all about.

Toxic environments are THE WORST! Constant self-doubt, constant vulnerability and constant unhappiness make for bad times and even worse developments in friendship and future. Get out of there. If it is a a friendship, relationship or even workplace just get out or find a way that can bring back the positivity because with everything we have to worry about in this world today body confidence shouldn't have to be one of them. Our body is not our enemy, it's our friend and you should surround yourself with people who are happy that you are you and not someone else. No one should have to wear sky high heels or have a fake tan or change their weight because anything or anyone else thinks that they should. Instead do the things you do because you want to, for yourself.

So find your environment, find your people. Find those that stop you from being self-conscious and get the people that make you self-aware and want you to see the world in a happy positive light.

I am me and I am unapologetic about that,
From Bea Tucks

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