Sunday, 3 May 2015

the importance of gender equality // second guys article

Gender equality is arguably one the most important and most hotly contended topics discussed in the 21st century. On one side we have the patriarchy: people with deeply conservative views towards women and people who are different. Then on the contrary people with progressional views promoting gender and sexual equality, often dubbed as feminists. 

I feel the importance of gender equality is dangerously underestimated and misunderstood. People seem to think it's just about boys vs girls, the patriarchy, and to a great extent it is, but it is also about so much more. It is about the survival and continuation of mankind. One might ask or be thinking right now, what does gender equality have to do with the continuation or existence of the human race? My question is in response is, how isn't it?

Right now the patriarchy and the chauvinistic views of many people in society (men and women, yes women as well) poison and oppress many women, as a result women are not able to grow to their full extent, and instead are domesticated, poorly characterised and look as objects or possessions rather than human beings. By not allowing women to thrive and grow as equals to men we are poisoning society and thus not allowing society to reach it's maximum potential, needless to say the patriarchy also affects some men by oppressing them due to their sexuality or their lack of the traditional male attributes whether that be ridiculous muscle growth or the reluctance to share the misogynistic views of the patriarchy. 

This petty oppression and narrow mindedness is quite frankly ridiculously mind numbing, as a race how can we grow when we only explore/allow for one way of thinking, the perfect example of this is the Renaissance Era, the moment people started to question the way society is run, and the exploitative Church system this is when we started to make wonderful discoveries which kept getting bigger and better, however that was only with men at the fore front, only some men given the freedom of expression, just imagine was we as a race could do with men and women of different ethnicities, abilities and specialities could do! With women and men working side by side as equals we are increasing our potential for greatness, we increase the chances of us discovering cures for cancer, we increase the chances of us creating life in outer space, we simply increase the chance for vast amounts of progression in our society. But without it, we harming society by reducing the chances of humanity discovering cures, colonising the universe, and progressing in society.

Why should people be oppressed, judged and characterised purely based on their gender and physical appearance in which they had absolutely no say in! We say society is fair, society is understanding, society gives everyone a chance at life, but quite frankly all we do is talk, where are the actions to prove that we are fair, we are understanding and we do give everyone a chance a life? Prime example, recently the Australian government cut funding to women's shelters, providing shelter and care to victims of horrible abuse, logic would dictate the only reason for this to be happening is if the problem getting solved but it obviously isn't so why are we cutting funding again? It shouldn't matter whether you are a girl, a boy, a member lgbtq+ community, straight, black, white, green; at the end of the day we are all humans who deserve an opportunity.

As you can see this isn't just a matter of gender equality, is a matter of a universal equality over a whole range of things. But the thing that most if not all of these inequalities have in common is the patriarchy, it's conservative, backwards, discriminatory views are damaging society and preventing society from progressing. The patriarchy is quite honesty just a group of power hungry, narrow minded people who are scared of progression and development and are holding society back because they can not deal with the sheer awesomeness of society and what people can do. They know that if they allow people to progress and digress it will substantially weaken their grasp on people, thus weakening their power, which is all they have meaning if they are stripped of their power they essentially will amount to nothing. 

So what is the point of gender inequality? Society is effectively self harming itself by not allowing and promoting gender & universal equality. Once we as a human race can accept everyone for their difference and work together with them, that is when society will make leaps in bounds in every aspect of life.

Hugo Hughes

EDITORS NOTE: This article has been written by a mate of BPC - Hugo. It's so bloody fantastic and important to see guys who give a shit about gender equality, hope you guys enjoy! Sending lots of good vibes to you wonderful, patriarchy-smashing readers! - Bea and Bella 

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