Sunday, 5 July 2015

how to // bring a little bitta heaven to the bath

There’s a few things in my life that are sacred: coffee dates with Bea, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and bath time. Usually after a run or a Zumba session I make room for a hefty chunk in my schedule and have a long bath.

Now, this obsession with elaborate baths started ages ago when my family went to Japan and went to a Japanese onsen, which was kinda of otherworldly in it's eternal nature. Onsens are Japanese (usually) public baths surrounded by little spindly gardens and they’re steaming hot and you actually rinse yourself off before you get in. When you get out you feel so innocent and clean and fresh, as if you’ve never rolled in the mud or stolen chocolate from the pantry.

So I take inspiration from that, as well as about a billion beauty youtubers and hippie blogs.

FIRST THINGS FIRST, I whip up a few concoctions in the kitchen.

The first is a body scrub. It’s simple as hell: about a cup of brown sugar, some olive oil and some vanilla essence.

I also mash a banana and mix it with about a tablespoon of honey and squeeze in half a lemon – this makes a really good face mask, as odd as it sounds. I also make a pot of tea.


I light a few candles. Turn on the bath. Fill it will nice oils and some body wash. Wait for a little, put on some tunes. (I’ve been listening to this playlist made by yours truly)  Read a book. (I’m reading Super Sad Love Story by Gary Shtenygart…would recommend)

Rinse in the shower for like 10 seconds. Scrub myself down with the afore mentioned brown sugar scrub. Turn the water back on. Use shampoo. Try to be super fast to save aqua. Turn the water off. Shave. Turn it on to wash off the crème. Turn it off. Put conditioner in my hair.

Get in the bath. Soak. Read that book, listen to the tunes, feel the bliss. This is good, this is therapeutic…is it not. Maybe put on some body wash if I’m not feeling quite clean enough. After a little while I’ll wash out the conditioner. Get out. Pat myself dry. Put on some nicely scented moisturiser, then my pyjamas. This is good shit guys, this is truly good shit. 

Happy bathing ladies, 
Bella Sucks

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  1. I love having a bath to relax! I always use a bubble bath or lush product, they're so good :)
    Lovely post.