Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Babey, I'm back

Hey kids,
It has been a fucking long time. We know that you haven't really missed us, nor have we really missed you but we have jumped back in the game. Well I have, 'I' being Beatrice, to check in and reflect on things and times gone by. Have a quick read of the headings and see if you likey. If you do have a good read. You can read a whole article modern day people, I believe in your attention spans. So here it goes.

1. The body and mind are inherently connected.

Your mind is an infinite entity that lives in the body, a place with a limited number of moves, restricted by boundaries. The mind's capacity to imagine is what makes it my favourite part of my body. It dares the defy boundaries just like I aim to in my day to day practice.

2. Polyamory is a terrible idea.

Contrary to a lot of what we used to say its not such a good idea. After our pursuit of polyamorous lives I decided to do some very thorough and very real research into the field. People are not robots and we cannot separate our feelings no matter how autistic we tell ourselves we can be.

3. Not having confidence in yourself is not worth your time

I got real shitty there in the middle and I completely forgot my own advice. Be good with yourself and everyone and everything else will be good to you. You cannot expect anyone to accept you if you do not accept yourself. So yeh babey I'm back and I am bigger and better than before but I am also more learned and I now know that ignorance is a cheap bliss. Awareness is the key to a true fulfilling life.

4. Check your privilege, not once, not twice, but again and again.

Welcome to 2016. We live in a day and age where there is a lot wrong with the world. People fight one another over what they think is there idea of right. I do all the time. But I also listen and I try to learn what I have that others don't have and how that effects my ideals. I am a white woman of middle class Australia who has enough time in my day to write for an overtly idealistic blog. I have the best life anyone could ask for, yet I have so many things to complain about. I must always check my privilege. It's easy for me to say and do things because of my situation in the world but my situation makes me more wrong than it does right. I am in the top 2%. I will keep on checking my privilege and staying aware of myself and others so that I don't have to feel guilty about taking my position in the world for granted. If I don't, I have failed myself and everyone else around me who is worse off.

5. Listen to others

If I ever stop someone from saying what they believe, hit me down right there and then. If we as people suppress the ideas of others, there ideas will still exist in the background being heard by others, they will just not be heard by us. Those ideas can still vote and can still cause repercussions. If we listen to what others have to say, and have active open conversations about them, there is a higher likelihood that those ideas can be altered or aligned closer to yours. Shutting down other  people's ideas is not the way to a better world. Do not be guilty of stopping that world from coming into full effect.

See you made it to the end. I am proud of us all for reading and of me for writing this condescending piece. Despite my attitude and strange remarks I do impart this information to you as some important things that I have learnt. This is good quality life info that took a lot of time to learn.

Take my word for it,
I know what I am talking about,
Bea Tucks


  1. yessss bring bpc back !!!
    leona xx

  2. Please bring BPC club back!! It was so good. I miss you and Bella a lot!! Xx

  3. Brilliant advice! Checking your privilege is extremely important; sometimes we all become too ignorant of how good we have it compared to others.